Updating the kln 94 database

Instead, a serious issue with the Bendix/King KLN 94 GPS, found in almost every Cessna built between 19, had been uncovered.CHP’s chief pilot called me last year when he was purchasing some of my G1000 books and CDs, since one of their Cessna 206s is equipped with the G1000.The factory has informed us that they have run out of replacement displays for the KLN-94 GPS Receiver.While they repair all other potential problems, the display on this GPS is not repairable or replaceable.To quote from my , “Whenever a runway or heliport has two or more RNAV approaches, a single alpha character differentiates them.The first GPS approach charted to a runway is labeled “Z,” and subsequent approaches are assigned other letters, moving backward through the alphabet.I don't know if the present owner has the cable or the proprietary card reader.

Merely installing an IFR GPS, with the required separate annunciators, is not enough. can hep you with your GPS Database updates for many common hand-held and panel-mount systems, especially GNS430/530, KLN-94, G1000, etc.Bendix/King KLN 94 color GPS navigator/moving map display is a panel mounted IFR (C-129A) certified unit.Imagine calling the police and hearing “I was just thinking about calling you.” Those were the words I heard a few days ago when I phoned the California Highway Patrol (CHP).Fortunately, I wasn’t being investigated for a crime!